Each university has different requirements for admission to various study programs. Please refer to the university website to get the list of documents of personal information as well as academic proficiency.
International applicants must give some exams to study in Australia as proof of academic and language proficiency. To demonstrate language proficiency, international applicants need to write English language proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, PTE, etc. The scores must not be older than two years of the English proficiency entrance exam.
The admission process to study at Australian universities is quite simple. First, an applicant must qualify for some of the standardized tests. After that, they can proceed with the application process. Applicants are also required to take additional tests like GMAT, UMAT, and LSAT, etc., which are valid for up to 5 years apart from the English proficiency tests.
Students from non- English speaking countries must show their test scores on either of the following exams to prove English language proficiency. The minimum marks required for each of these exams have been prescribed by the Department Of Home Affairs of the Australian government on their official website.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Most universities in Australia consider IELTS exam scores for admission to bachelor’s and master’s programs. You need to take the IELTS exam if you wish to get any other visa other than a student visa.
Students need to ensure that the overall scores and the band scores play an equally vital role in getting admission to Australian Universities. Henceforth, earning a minimum of 7 for each of the 4 test components is required.

TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language)

Australian Universities accept TOEFL (Internet-based test) scores too. These are considered equivalent to that of IELTS. Earning a minimum of 24 in each of the four sections is required to study in Australia.

PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English)

An alternative to IELTS and TOEFL exams to prove your English language proficiency is the Pearson Test of English. PTE can also be used to demonstrate proficiency in English for visa acceptance. PTE scores must be 65 for each of the four 4 test components.

CAE: Advanced

Cambridge English Advanced score of 185 is acceptable in some Australian Universities. At least B for each of the 4 test components of the Occupational English Test (OET)

Exam to Study UG Courses in Australia

Apart from the ELP test, international applicants are recommended to appear for academic exams such as UMAT, ISAT, LSAT to prove their competencies. These exams may differ for different courses. If you are looking forward to studying such programs in Australia, only then will the scores of these tests be required.


The UMAT score is a mandatory test to get admission into the undergraduate medical program in some universities in Australia.


The International Student Admission Test is a mandatory test required for admission in medicine, dentistry, and healthcare courses Australian institutions offer for international students.


LSAT is the standardized test required to access for the admission of aspirants in law colleges of Australia.


MCAT score or Medical College Admission Test Scores is required for admission in medicine programs at the postgraduate level offered by Australian educational institutions for international students.


Although GMAT scores or Graduate Management Aptitude Test scores are accepted at only some business schools in Australia, they are not mandatory to write to study for an MBA program in Australia. Most Australian universities give weightage to work experience and academic scores.

Is GRE required to Study in Australia?

GRE is NOT mandatory to study in Australia. However, some of the educational institutions require it for MS admissions in Australia. Therefore, it can be helpful if a student applies for scholarship opportunities to study in Australia.


Here we have shortlisted some of the available application documents that may be required to be submitted during the application process to study in Australia:
● Official transcripts of previous education
● If applying for a Bachelor’s course, School leaving certificate.
● If applying for a Master Course, Bachelor’s degree certificate.
● Any other certificate of merit
● Test scores GRE, GMAT, etc. (as per program requirement)
● Scanned copy of your Passport
● Scanned copy of Birth Certificate
● CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment)/ Offer Letter
● OSHC (Overseas Health Cover)
● Financial evidence that you can support yourself during your education in Australia.
● English Language Test Scores
● LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
● SoP (Statement of Purpose)
● Research proposal or research publication
● Summary of employment (if any)
● Proof of finances to bear tuition fee
● Other documents (as asked for)

Specific entry requirements

There are specific documents that may also be required to be generated for the admission process as mentioned as follows:
▪ Official proof that if you have changed your name for any reason.
▪ If you applied before your final exams last year, you have to prove your final grades.
▪ If your documents are not in a language other than English, it has to be certified and translated.

University application intakes for Australia

Australian universities offer two intakes, unlike single intakes in Indian universities. The two inputs available in educational institutions of Australia are:
Semester1: February/ March to May/ June: The deadline of this intake is October or November
Semester 2: July/August to November: The deadline for this intake is April or May.
You can choose the nearest possible intake for your admission. While making a decision consider factors like the availability of the program, academic records, entrance exam scores, acceptance rates, job opportunities, and your willingness to join the program.

Australia at a glance!

Studying in Australia offers worldwide students more than scholarly accomplishment and an internationally perceived capability. It is a rare encounter through which an understudy can foster autonomy, development, a comprehension of different societies, and the capacity to see issues according to alternate points of view.

The Australian schooling framework is of global notoriety and is known for its robust construction and imaginative strategy improvements. As a result, numerous nations anxious to further develop their schooling frameworks go to Australia for counsel.

The Australian schooling framework is of global notoriety and is known for its robust construction and imaginative strategy improvements. As a result, numerous nations anxious to further develop their schooling frameworks go to Australia for counsel.

Why Choose Australia?

Benefits of study in Australia:


Splendid Academic Faculties and a-list Educational Institutions

Greatness in Education and Training:

  • Quality Education
  • Globally Recognized Qualifications
  • Dynamic, Safe, and Multicultural Society
  • An incentive for Money
  • Extraordinary Employment Opportunities, after Completion of the Course

Top Universities to select:

After the U.K. also, the U.S., Australia is the third most well-known objective for worldwide understudies like you. Also, it’s not difficult to understand the reason why! Simply glancing through their colleges, you have a few outstanding projects and lovely urban areas to look at in Australia.

Additionally, a few highest level and universally perceived schools and universities are situated in Australia.

Australia is home to many lofty colleges that are profoundly positioned and notable throughout the planet, giving you a lot of choices for arriving at probably the best educators and instructors. Spots like the University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, Charles Darwin University, and the University of Tasmania all have great sparkling sites at the highest point of the rankings records. So in case, you’re searching for the best graduate schools, business colleges, clinical schools, or designing schools, with the best notorieties to try out for your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D., certainly consider going to Australia.


  • Melbourne Business School
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Queensland
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Sydney
  • Australian National University
  • Monash University
  • The University of Western Australia
  • University of Adelaide
  • Curtin University

Documents required

  • Admission Requirements:
  • Mark sheet & Passing certificates (10th & 10+2)
  • Excellence in Education and Training:
  • Mark sheets + degree- Graduation
  • IELTS/PTE scorecard
  • Passport copy
  • Work Experience (If any)

For more details:

Why Study In Australia?


There’s barely anything that Australia doesn’t have some of the best colleges on the planet with good training, a lucky way of life, and delightful picturesque regions with brilliant seashores and shocking rainforests. Little marvel, then, at that point, that worldwide students pick Australia as their favored concentrate abroad objective, and the quantities of students every year are developing!


Variety of students

You want never stress over tracking down individuals from your nation here! Australia is third behind just the United States and the United Kingdom as far as quantities of global students. It has seen somewhere around 200,000 unfamiliar students go to its colleges for quite a long while. With concentrating on abroad projects in Australia turning out to be progressively well known throughout the planet, Australia is a genuinely available objective for global students. The significant colleges here welcome worldwide students and give projects and administrations customized toward aiding concentrate on abroad students make the most out of their enlightening experience.

Worldwide Academic Recognition

Regardless of being a tiny country, Australia is notable as the home to Earth’s absolute best exploration foundations. Excellent scholarly projects in science fields, such as nursing and medical services, science, science, zoology and natural life, arithmetic, innovation, and designing, are found in an incredible number of Australia’s significant colleges. As the instructive degrees are perceived everywhere, this makes a concentrate abroad program in Australia a substantial expansion to each professional understudy resume.

Wide selection of subjects

There are more than 40 colleges in Australia, and every one of them offers tremendous and shifted freedoms to concentrate on a scope of various subjects. However, most students focus abroad lean toward the more prominent colleges, where they can pick from similar courses of study as any significant American college. To give a model, the Australian National University offers a stunning 750 potential course blends! It implies that you cannot exclusively take courses identified with your major; likewise, you can widen your learning range by taking unique techniques that you will be unable to find in your nearby foundations.

Concentrate Abroad Scholarship Options

Concentrating abroad costs are typically the central issue for students who wish to get worldwide training. Perceiving this and hoping to offer students each chance to release their abilities consistently, the Australian government saves more than 200 million dollars explicitly for worldwide students coming to learn at Australian colleges. These are generally founded on merit cum means, and there are sure necessities for application to some-for instance, grade prerequisites, monetary need. So forth, students who have been acknowledged to concentrate on abroad in Australia ought to ask the University’s economic guide office to perceive what grants might be accessible to them.

Work while you study.

Global students can work low maintenance while on an understudy visa, which will assist them with thumping down the cost of concentrating abroad in Australia. Students are permitted to work as long as 40 hours at regular intervals in positions that require just essential abilities, for example, in the food and drink administration, petroleum siphons, or in their college grounds. This is the kind of thing that can genuinely assist with bringing down the expense of instruction and everyday costs. There is the pride of work, and no occupation is considered belittling. With the lowest pay permitted by law in Australia at shy of 17 dollars each hour, Students can cover a decent lump of their costs related to the lease, food, utilities, and possibly a touch of educational expenditure.
Language no bar!
Examining in a nation where English isn’t the essential language hurls many difficulties for global Students. Primary assignments like shopping in a supermarket or requesting bearings could be difficult for Students in some European countries. This is a significant non-issue for Students in Australia! While a few Students might think that it is somewhat hard at first to comprehend the sluggish Australian drone or get the subtleties of Australian shoptalk, they will soon become acquainted with this.

Awesome climate

Most pieces of Australia appreciate the incredible climate, which is a special reward for Students. Aside from certain spots, the Australian environment remains reasonably warm to absolutely hot all year. Seashores are sun-doused and draw in sightseers in huge numbers. Top colleges situated in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne have temperatures generally over 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A highlight is that, as Australia is on the southern side of the equator, seasons are turned around, and Christmas is bright and warm!

Heaps of exercises

For Students who appreciate investigating the outside, there is an unending number of vital exercises sitting tight for you. Many open-air experiences are accessible, and Students can move away from human progress whenever they wish! Investigate the Australian outback. Join kangaroos on Kangaroo Islandcheck out some stone developments that are two billion years of age, and go traveling in magnificent rainforests. You can encounter dazzling scuba plunging and swimming and swim with the fishes under the Great Barrier Reef! Australia is home to elite exhibition halls and quality focuses for the people who appreciate indoor exercises, and the Sydney Opera house has more than 40 shows each week.

Practice work-life balance!

Australians are notable for their laid-back ways of life, and the understudy culture of the nation is the same. Australian Students take care of business hard and most certainly treat their tutoring significantly in a brutal way. Yet, they have a great life offset with a lot of relaxation exercises. Many of the significant colleges in Australia are situated along the east drift and have simple admittance to parks, trails, and a few seashores. Individuals are utilized to an outdoorsy life, and Students typically conform too. There are understudy clubs committed to every kind of unwinding exercise, and Students get many opportunities to unwind and have a good time away from scholastics.

Visit close-by areas.

While there are numerous chances for movement inside the country, there are excellent nearby areas where Students can go for more limited breaks. For example, new Zealand is only a short flight away, and numerous South Pacific tropical islands are effectively reachable. These proposition ideal excursions over school occasions (spring or fall break) or in any event, for the short end of the week trips during the term.

Top 10 reasons why international students prefer Australia to study

Choosing to concentrate abroad is a critical choice. Past abandoning your loved ones, you may likewise be tested by considerations of what and where you will examine. Top colleges, mind-blowing nature, lively urban areas, and a few seas are only a portion of the motivations behind why numerous global students pick Australia to consider. Concentrating abroad might be marginally overwhelming. However, the award as far as training and self-awareness can likewise be enormous.

This assorted nation has an immense assortment of chances for somebody concentrating abroad. Here are only ten of the many motivations behind why you could consider making Australia you’re examining abroad objective.

1. Top quality colleges

Worldwide, students have a wide assortment of decisions with regards to contemplating in Australia. Australia is home to 43 colleges altogether, with 40 Australian, two worldwide, and one private college. It’s an instance of value just as amount, with six Australian colleges positioning in the universally eminent top 100.

2. Social variety

Australia is a different mixture of societies. The sheer measure of communities that flourish offers the opportunity to venture outside of your typical safe place and experience a novel, new thing, yet feel a feeling of having a place in the multicultural setting. A portion of the advantages of living in a multicultural society incorporate excellent culinary contributions, global public festivals, and the opportunity to become familiar with an alternate language.

3. Any major is gladly received

Since Australia’s colleges are a portion of the highest level on the planet, it’s nothing unexpected that they offer a vast number of various degrees and majors. Regardless of whether you are concentrating on designing or English, medication or Mathematics, there are a lot of multiple choices and blends to browse when you study in Australia. It very well may be a smart thought to contact your short rundown of colleges before seeing what they proposition and regardless of whether you meet the qualification prerequisites.

4. The Great Outdoors

Australia is famous for its assorted territory. The Outback is unique for its vast fields and strange creatures. If you’re an ocean side sweetheart, you are ruined for decision with a great many kilometers of unblemished coast to browse. During your days off, you can jump or snorkel on the stunning Great Barrier Reef. Bushwalking or kayaking are regularly reachable inside a road trip.

5. Simple admittance to understudy visas

If you’re hoping to get an understudy visa, Australia offers a smoothed-out process for the Student Visa (subclass 500). First, however, you should meet a few necessities for your application to be supported, including being acknowledged in an instructive establishment and having an adequate monetary limit. You will likewise be needed to get a reasonable degree of health care coverage for the term of your visit.

6. Entry level position Availability

Some Australian colleges might offer entry-level positions or work freedoms to their students. If this is a choice that intrigues you, make sure to connect with your picked instructive foundation to discover any necessities.

7. Dynamic city life

Australian colleges are situated in both regional and metropolitan settings. Any place you decide to concentrate on, you will easily venture out to various adjoining urban communities. Everyone offers a vast number of extraordinary encounters, from the fantastic Sydney ocean side scene to the idiosyncratic shopping stores of Melbourne.

8. Natural life

Australia has the absolute most assorted untamed life on the planet. If you’re concentrating rustically, you may be adequately fortunate to encounter some in nature. Regardless of whether you don’t, much-untamed life stops close deal experiences with koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles, and that’s just the beginning.

9. Simple correspondence

Australians communicate in English, which makes it simple for most global students to comprehend and be perceived. Notwithstanding, the shoptalk may take somewhat longer to dominate! If you’re battling to stay aware of the discussion, take a stab at requesting that somebody disclose the shoptalk to you. You’ll be astounded at the varieties Australians have thought of.

10. Amazing work openings

Assuming you partake in your time contemplating in Australia, you might be enticed to remain on longer. Australia likewise offers a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) that permits some global students to stay in Australia and work after they have graduated. International review in Australia provides a broad scope of compensating encounters just as the opportunities for top-notch schooling. If you’re contemplating concentrating abroad in Australia, these ten focuses are genuinely the start of what Australia can offer.



Australia is one of the best countries to immigrate due to various reasons:
● Australia has excellent infrastructure and is a very advanced country.
● It has a large number of career opportunities.
● It has a very high quality of life.
● It is one of the best countries to attain citizenship.
● Beautiful landscape and countryside make it attractive for people to travel in and around the country.


Skilled Independent visa Subclass 189 is a permanent visa. It helps you to:
● stay in Australia for an indefinite period.
● Work and study anywhere in Australia.
● Enroll in Medicare. You can also get Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses.
● Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence.
● Travel to and from Australia for five years.
● Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible.


Australia follows a merit-based immigration policy. It allows all individuals who can contribute effectively to the economic and social growth of the country to apply for living and working in Australia. There is also no discrimination based on race or religion. Reach out to us for a free consultation to understand Australia’s transparent immigration policies.


The applicant must be below 45 years of age, be proficient in English, and hold a diploma/degree. Each visa category will also have some requirements over and above these criteria. To understand the specific needs of a particular immigration visa to Australia, reach out to us for a free consultation session if you are interested in applying.


You will need a minimum of 65 points to be eligible to receive an Invitation to apply for Immigration to Australia. However, scoring 60 points will not guarantee an ITA from the government. The higher the points you have, the better will be prospects for your immigration. To understand how to improve your issues score, get in touch with us for a free counseling session.


Skilled Nominated visa Subclass 190 is a permanent visa. It helps you to:
● stay in Australia indefinitely.
● Work and study anywhere in Australia.
● Enroll in Medicare. You can also get Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses.
● If eligible, sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
● travel to and from Australia for five years
● apply for Australian citizenship.


To apply for skilled migration visas, you will need to meet the following requisites:
● The applicant must be under the age of 45 years.
● The applicant must have a nominated occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL)
● obtained a positive skills assessment
● The applicant must have good knowledge of the English language. They must score good scores in any English proficiency tests – e.g., IELTS 6.0 for all bands or equivalent (higher scores may be awarded additional points)
● score at least 65 points from the Skill Assessment point test


Our Overseas consultants are highly experienced in all the sections of the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications. We can assist you with all of the aspects of the application and can advise you on the complications about:
● Skills assessments.
● State/territory sponsorship applications details.
● Any difficulties in procuring documents to demonstrate work experience or family relationships,
● upcoming deadlines will affect your points totals, such as age or expiring documents. We prepare your application efficiently to enable your visa application to be submitted as soon as possible.
Our team of experienced Immigration consultants and Migration Agents look forward to assisting you with your Australian visa.


A minimum score of 6 is required in each band and is necessary for a migration visa to Australia.


If you are a skilled worker, you can apply for any visas in the General Skilled Migration category. However, many other visa types are available, such as spouse visa, parent visa, student visa, visitor visa, etc.


The processing time visa may vary based on the type of visa, or the category one chooses. The processing time ranges from one month to one year.

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