CRP – Campus Readiness Program(CRP)

Campus Readiness Programs

Abhyaas has a comprehensive program designed to train students for all the stages of Campus Recruitments. This programme is updated on a regular basis to keep pace with the changes in the recruitment procedures adopted by various companies. The program has different modules for preparing the job aspirant to tackle the interview process like:

  • Written Test or Aptitude Test
  • Group Discussions and
  • Personal Interviews
  • Abhyaas CRP Mock Test Series

    To assist the students in acing the aptitude round, Abhyaas also provides an online mock test series as a part of the course. The student is given a login-id and a password using which he/she can take multiple company mock tests online. The test series consists of tests simulating the test patterns of all the major MNCs. The test series comprises of 15 online tests of which 8 of them are company specific and the rest are to test the sectional expertise of the student

    The highlights of CRP@ Abhyaas are:

  • 50 to 70 hours of vigorous classes covering various questions asked in Aptitude Test.
  • Classes on basic communication skills (GD basics, Mock GD , speaking skills, listening & writing skills,)
  • Experienced faculty members to impart the best classroom inputs
  • Two individual mock interviews (one HR and one Technical) to equip the students with the questions and the skill set required to handle the real interviews. Experts who have experience in recruitment process conduct these mock interviews
  • Company specific Comprehensive Tests – To prepare students better for the respective exams
  • Guidance about the selection processes followed by various companies to ensure focus
  • Additional web-based support (profiles of major companies, IT & ITES Industry updates, GD topics and interview questions for practice, etc.)

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