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The Abhyaas Overseas Test Prep Classroom Preparatory program is designed to help students excel the test, with 35 intensive and structured classroom sessions and comprehensive study material. The AbhyaasIELTS module includes visual aids, that help students become conversant with the ideas discussed in the class, Visual vocab sessions which provide an efficient way to improve Vocabulary are a great value-add to the Speaking and Writing sections. Abhyaas provides IELTS practice tests that assist the students get a real-time experience of the test which is followed by immediate scores and feedback.

About IELTS:
IELTS is International English Language Testing System, a prerequisite test for admission into Universities in many countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. It is also a criteria for immigration to Canada, Australia and New Zealand . This test assesses the language ability of candidates who need to study or work in countries where English is the language of communication. IELTS tests the students in Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking modules. A band score from 1-9 is reported for each module of the test and a total band score of 6-7.5 is necessary for admission into universities and immigration.

 Top Score
  • Pradyumna ReddyPradyumna ReddyIELTS - 7.5
  • NagaChandraNagaChandraIELTS - 7.5
  • P.KoushikP.KoushikIELTS - 7.5
  • M.VamshiKrishnaM.VamshiKrishnaIELTS - 7.0
  • E.SipilaReddyE.SipilaReddyIELTS - 7.0
  • AshrafAyubAshrafAyubIELTS - 7.0
  • SyedAbrarSyedAbrarIELTS - 7.0
  • Y.TejaswiY.TejaswiIELTS - 7.0
  • Naveen ReddyNaveen ReddyIELTS - 7.0
  • Yashwanth ReddyYashwanth ReddyIELTS - 7.0
  • PranithaPranithaIELTS - 7.0
  • Puranam KoushikPuranam KoushikIELTS - 7.5

    “I believe Mentor support and material are the keys to success in IELTS. Abhyaas is top notch in providing these 2 elements. Students can rely on judgement of Mentor. I thank Abhyaas team for their dedication, determination and support to reach our dream score. . .”

  • Pradyumna ReddyPradyumna Reddy

    “Learning in Abhyaas is always fun and interesting. Faculty's interactive sessions were really helpful in Speaking module to overcome the fear of speaking. Standard of Abhyaas Mocks helped me to assess the band score. On the whole, Ahhyaas is a right place for IELTS aspirants to get started...”

  • Naveen ReddyNaveen ReddyIELTS - 7.0

    “Abhyaas provides students a friendly learning atmosphere. Faculty and staff are very helpful. Faculty has personal care on every student and assess their performance regularly. Mock tests are very helpful. Overall IELTS in Abhyaas is a wonderful learning experience... ”

  • M.Vamshi KrishnaM.Vamshi KrishnaIELTS - 7.0

    “I was just like a stone, where Abhyaas carved me as a beautiful statue. I learnt many important tips to overcome my problem with language. Abhyaas team supported me in achieving good score. Thank you Abhyaas.”

  • SravyambicaSravyambicaIELTS - 7.0

    “I had a wonderful experience learning at Abhyaas. It had acted as a pathway for my destination. . .”

  • Mushayyed Abrar MajidMushayyed Abrar MajidIELTS - 7.0

    “Faculty helped a lot to reach good score. I loved every module and course given by Abhyaas. I would like to thank Abhyaas team for their guidance and support...”

  • Tejaswi YerabatiTejaswi YerabatiIELTS - 7.0

    “Abhyaas helped me in building my confidence and improved my skills to take IELTS test with a positive attitude. Thanks to the faculty & Team Abhyaas for a great support…”

  • B.Naga ChandraB.Naga ChandraIELTS - 7.5

    “Good place for IELTS . Mentor has sound knowledge on Exam pattern and expertise on test takers drawbacks so it helped me to improve in all aspects . The Weekend mocks developed my confidence to take the test .

  • E.Sipila ReddyE.Sipila ReddyIELTS - 7.0

    “Abhyaas is an excellent Institution for the beginners to prepare for IELTS . As Abhyaas is affiliated with best staff it helped me a lot in achieving my goals in the test . It is the best place to acquire vast knowledge and also has friendly environment . Thank you Abhyaas.  ”

  • B.PranithaB.Pranitha7.0 - IELTS

    “ Abhyaas is the best notch for taking IELTS Program . Expertised feedback and Mocks provided me a sound knowledge of my drawbacks  which  helped  me to reach my  goal . ”

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