CLAT 2017 – Rank-based Cutoff Predictions

Posted By         :    Padma Parupudi
Published on   :    May 31, 2017

Now that the CLAT 2017 score cards are released, the next question lingering in the minds of students is ‘Which NLU will I get into?’ or ‘Will I make it to any of the NLUs?’Here is our prediction of the cutoffs based on the pattern over the last few years. The major factor that determines the cutoffs would be the order of preference that students opt during the CLAT application process. The order is more or less consistent over the years, so the cutoffs can be predicted with confidence.

Also remember that CLAT comes out with four merit lists. After each list, students are given time to pay the fees and the vacant seats are then allotted to other students. Many students opt for Symbiosis, NLU Delhi or other private colleges instead of joining an NLU which is not in their first 5-6 preferences. So these seats fall vacant.

While you are waiting for the first list to be released on 5th June, you could peruse this list to get a fair idea of where you are likely to land in, and plan accordingly.

NLU Indicative closing rank
NLU bracketFirst ListLast List
NLSIU(Bangalore) - NALSAR(Hyderabad) - WBNUJS(Kolkata)220250
NLIU(Bhopal) - NLU(Jodhpur) - HNLU(Raipur) - GNLU(Gandhinagar)550700
MNLU(Mumbai) - RMLNLU(Lucknow) - RGNUL(Punjab) - CNLU(Patna) - NUALS(Kochi)9101300
NLUO(Cuttack) - NUSRL(Ranchi) - NLUJA(Assam)10801500
DSNLU(Vizag) - TNNLS(Trichy) - MNLU(Nagpur)12001750
Private Law Schools Indicative closing rank
Law SchoolFirst ListLast List
KP Mehta School of Law, NMIMS (Mumbai)20005000
UPES (Dehradun), - KIIT (Bhubaneshwar)30007500
Domicile indicative closing rank
Law SchoolFirst ListLast List

Also understand that once all the lists are released and the CLAT counselling process is completed, if there are still vacant seats, students can approach the respective NLUs and they will allot the seats based on the ranks outside the CLAT counselling process.


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