AILET 2017 Analysis

Posted By         :    Padma Parupudi
Published on   :   July 12, 2017

* The difficulty level of a section is assessed as a function of both the toughness of questions as well as deviation from the expected pattern.

Sectional Analysis:

1. English :

This section was a surprise. The expected Reading Comprehension passage was replaced by a lengthly Cloze Test with 11 blanks. Fair share of vocabulary questions were present in the form of synonyms, antonyms, idioms.  Grammar questions, though simple were in new format, which required more time to solve. Parajumbles were also tested this year.

2. General Knowledge:

The GK section similar to last year had a good number of questions from science and economics. Those who had been following the news carefully would have been able to answer the current affairs questions. Some of the static GK, especially science questions would have caused students to squirm. Overall a moderate section.

3. Legal Aptitude:

This section had only 9 Principle-based questions. Some of the questions had multiple principles.The Legal GK questions were 19 in number out of which atleast 12 were based on current affairs. This was also a moderate section.


This was the toughest section this year because of unfamiliar questions – though the concepts were familiar, the format was new. Statement-based questions were of moderate difficulty. Time-consuming with 3 sets of puzzles. Overall moderate section.

5. Mathematics:

This was an easy section with no surprises. Arithmetic questions dominated this section with averages, time, speed & distance, time & work. Students who had practised concepts would have done this fairly well.

ALP cutoff prediction table

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