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The Abhyaas GRE Classroom Preparatory program is designed to help the students by an intensive and structured classroom teaching aided by comprehensive study material and the best test series.

The GRE Coaching program is a rigorous and well prepared classroom instruction program aimed at building the capability of the student to relate simple concepts and complex situations. It not only deals with perfecting the fundamentals of mathematics and verbal ability but also emphasizes on inducing in-depth concepts and logic behind every question.

Added to the classroom GRE coaching is India's most taken Online GRE mock test series which has been developed by Abhyaas to bridge the gap between classroom coaching and the GRE test. Every Abhyaasi at the end of his/her GRE course gets a login id and password using which they can access the Abyaas Online GRE mock series. The ten test series mirror the real time GRE experience with questions at par with the standards and beyond. With the detailed classroom coaching and the test series Abhyaas ensures an all-round preparation enabling the student to authoritatively aim and achieve their dream GRE score.

The highlights in a shell:

  • 75 hours of expert classroom delivery
  • Well researched and comprehensive study material with questions parallel to the real question pattern and style
  • The first online revised GRE mock test series in India
  • Classroom delivery by seasoned and expert trainersy
  • Technology driven classrooms with tools to facilitate better learning

About GRE:

GRE is graduate Record Examination conducted by English Testing Services (E.T.S). A prerequisite test to M.S. Programs in U.S. It is a computer Adaptive Test (CAT) in which each question is chosen based on whether you answered the previous question correctly.

GRE General Test comprises of following Sections:

Verbal Section: This section is designed to test how well the test-taker understands the written word. His/her ability to read carefully and with distinction is also tested. This consists of 2 sections, 20 questions per section and 30 minutes per section. Types of questions included are

  • Text Completion Questions
  • Sentence Equivalence questions
  • Reading Comprehension questions

Quantitative Section: The Quantitative Section tests Basic Math skills, understanding Math concepts and reasoning skills. This consists of 2 sections, 20 questions per section and 35 minutes per section. Type of questions include

  • Quantitative comparison
  • Problem solving
  • Data Interpretation
  • Numeric Entry Questions
  • Multiple-choice questions

-An on-screen calculator for use in this section reduces the emphasis on computation.

Analytical Writing Assessment:In the Writing Assessment section, the test-taker has to answer two essay questions. One essay asks to present ones opinion on an issue without choice in 30 minutes, and the second is to analyze the reasoning of an argument without choice in 30 minutes. The Abhyaas GRE Prep Course includes a prep guide on the AWA section.

Preview, Review, Mark, Edit and Skip Capabilities are provided with in the section.