GRE Test Series

What is Abhyaas Online GRE mock test Series?

Abhyaas presents the first ‘Online Revised GRE mock test’ series. With over 4000 takers across India, this test series has testimonials of successfully being able to recreate the real GRE experience.

Why take Abhyaas Online GRE Mocks?

The time between the classroom prep and the day you take the exam is an important phase. This time should be utilized to:

  • Work on all the question patterns one by one.
  • Analyze ones strengths and weakness.
  • Take as many mock tests as possible.
  • Estimate ones GRE score, enabling the right school selection.
  • And keep doing it, till one feels confident about the exam.
  • And with Abhyaas Online GRE Mocks you can do all the above!

More about the test:

  • The first Revised GRE mock test series in India
  • Well researched and comprehensive questions parallel to the real question pattern and style.
  • The most sought after GRE test series across multiple training brands in Hyderabad, Chennai and other cities.
  • So why settle for something less than the best!

So all you have to do:

  • Click on the 'buy now' button
  • Make the payment through the secured payment gateway
  • You will immediately receive a mail explaining the features and usage of the test series.
  • You will receive your log-in id and password as a part of the same mail
  • Take 10 GRE mock tests from anywhere anytime, online.
  • Assess your performance after each mock test.
  • And nail GRE in style!

Some of our Test Takers:

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