Abhyaas Partnership Models

Abhyaas Edu Corp offers the following partnership models for interested parties to choose from. We do not believe in a one-size fits all policy. Hence we have come up with various models to suit the requirements of various people.

1. Abhyaas Business Partner:

This is the standard franchise model where Abhyaas Brand name will be used by the partner. The partner will then be the franchise owner leading the learning centre in terms of business and operations. The content and logo will be of Abhyaas, the partner will get access to quality faculty trainings, delivery and study material, constant marketing collateral and central marketing support as and when necessary. Both parties will adhere to the terms and conditions as mentioned in the "Abhyaas Business Partner Policy".

2. Abhyaas Content User:

For those who already run learning centers under their own brand, but are in need of quality content for various products, this is a perfect model. Abhyaas offers its proprietary content to the partners exclusively for their business use. Abhyaas holds the copyright of this content and partners will be bound by the "Abhyaas Content User Policy". The partners will get access to Abhyaas content (offline/online) and support for any issues arising out of the content or technology.

3. Abhyaas Content Developers:

Abhyaas also invites interested partners to develop/share their content with us which will then go through the standard content review policy of our team. The partners will be paid a commensurate honorarium based on the value/projected sales of the product. The partners will be bound by the "Abhyaas Content Developer Policy".

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