Abhyaas Law Prep Mock Test Series

What is ALP mock test Series?

  • Abhyaas presents the ‘ALP Mock Test Series’ which consists of 30 All-India Mock Tests giving the students a comprehensive and simulated experience of the most sought-after LAW entrance tests.

Why take the ALP mocks?

Though one has prepared thoroughly in the concepts across all the areas, what matters is the performance in the exam on a comparative scale. Attempting a mock exam helps one to optimally manage one's time. The CLAT exam consists of 200 questions to be attempted in 120 minutes. Judicious utilisation of time is a prime skill that one can acquire with sustained practice and analysis of performance. With the introduction of negative marking, it is also important to figure out the skill levels in each area and consciously attempt only the questions that one is confident about. This will only be possible after attempting multiple tests. Moreover, though all law entrance exams have similar topics, the duration and pattern varies in each. The mock test series provides a flavour of all the major exam formats

How do ALP Mock Tests help?

  • Real-time experience of an exam
  • Benchmarking of performance
  • Analysis of one's strengths and weaknesses
  • Optimal Time Management

Who should take the ALP mocks?

  • Class room students - who take the mocks as a part of the course
  • Any CLAT aspirant - irrespective of the mode adopted to learthe concepts Correspondence students - who opt for a self paced preparation