CAT Preparation - Tailor Made just for you

At Abhyaas we believe that every student's preparation requirement is unique as compared to other students. Thus, the aspirant can get the best by pursuing the CAT Coaching program tailor made for him/her. We provide great flexibility to the CAT aspirants to choose among various CAT Coaching Modules like opting for only classes or only correspondence course or just Test Series.

CAT Comprehensive

The program is uniquely designed to deliver the maximum for the students who are in their pre-final year of their graduation. The course comprises of 6 modules as shown in table. The program also offers free Campus Readiness Program which would help them sail through their campus interviews.

CAT Extensive

This program, which comprises of 5 modules as shown in table, is designed for aspirants who plan to start their preparation around 10 months before CAT exam.

CAT Fast Track

This program is for aspirants who want the entire CAT prep in a capsule format spread across a span of 4-5 months.

CAT Intensive

This combination is best for people who are repeating CAT and have a overall understanding of the basics. This program takes them through rigorous sessions needed to revise the basics in the best manner possible.

Course CAT
45 sessions
30 sessions
10 sessions
CRP Study Material Test Series
Comprehensive Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extensive Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fast Track Yes Yes* Yes Yes Yes
Intensive yes Yes Yes

CAT Foundation

These 45 sessions hand hold the aspirant through the entire syllabus, laying a strong foundation for understanding the concepts often tested in the exam.

CAT Booster

These 30 sessions are a combination of questions of a higher degree of complexity and exploring the possible ways of tactfully handling them.

CAT Workshops

These detailed workshops dealing with more complex concepts with greater insight are of longer duration stretching upto 3 hours/ session where experts share their expertise on how to handle each section.

GE PI Training

Once the B-School calls start to pour in, it is time to prepare for the crucial round II of the selection process and Abhyaas has an unbeatable track record of converting calls to admits through rigorous profiling, knowledge sessions, recorded interview session.

Study Material

Abhyaas in partnership with its National CAT content partner Test Funda provides an exhaustive content set which covers the entire spectrum of topics tested in CAT.

Test Series

Abhyaas CAT Test series comprises of 31 full length test, 78 concept tests, 26 topic tests and 9 module tests.