Why Abhyaas

The testimonials received so far have reiterated our ability to mix trust and care, professionalism and personal care and beyond doubt, technology and the much needed human touch. We deploy different teaching aids to make sure that whatever be the learning style of the Abhyaasi, be it Audio, Visual or Kinesthetic he/she would leave the class with the intended learning.

We see every Abhyaasi as a brand ambassador and hence are committed to traverse all stereotypes to encourage them to got the extra mile and beyond an inch further.

About Abhyaas

Abhyaas as the name suggests, is a platform that promotes a reformed age-old learning principle that stresses on 'to apply oneself'. It is a new age EduCorp on an endearing mission to redefine the way teaching and learning happens in India. It is formed with a vision to bring a positive change in the way education is sought after and perceived.

Logo: The "Y" as the logo represents the enthusiasm and inquisitiveness of an Abhyaasi (one who practices) yearning for knowledge with outstretched arms.

Mission Abhyaas Our vision and mission coalesce when we send our team every time to the class. The focus of our delivery lies in creating a differential and setting benchmarks in terms of enhancing the levels of application among the Abhyaasis.

We completely realize the existing knowledge amongst the students and facilitate peer to peer learning to the maximum, because knowledge gained in that form would stay with an Abhyaasi forever. With a team groomed well enough to differentiate between 'teaching' and 'facilitation' the Abhyaasi is put in a surrounding opportune for learning at a conscious and a sub-conscious level.

Team Abhyaas

Naresh Kumar Dubbudu

Naresh Dubbudu An IIM Bangalore alumnus and NIT Warangal Gold Medalist. He is an ex McKinsey consultant. He also has 2 years of managerial experience with TATA Motors. He is also the visiting faculty at a few business schools in Hyderabad. Abhyaas is Naresh’s brain child.

Sirisha Golipally

Sirisha Golipally An NIT Warangal alumnus. She also holds a Masters degree in ‘Mechanical & Aerospace engineering’ from IIT Chicago. She is an ex-employee of Bank of America.

Padma Parupudi

Padma Parupudi An IT Project Manager with 15 years of experience working for global customers, of which 12 years were with the IT Giant TCS. She has recruited, trained and managed project teams in various industry segments.

Rakesh Kumar Dubbudu

Rakesh Dubbudu An NIT Warangal alumnus. He has 5 years of experience with ORACLE Corp. He is a leading RTI (Right to Information) activist and speaker, has trained more than 3000 people on RTI.

Harish Bhardwaj

Harish Bhardwaj A JNTU-H alumnus. Has 2 years of corporate training experience with a leading corporate training firm in Hyderabad. Conceptualizing, designing and delivering are his forte.